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The birth of a beer

History and process of the beer of Monaco

A brewery at the origin of the principality

It is the great-grandfather of Gildo Pallanca-Pastor, one of the founders of the Monaco real estate who created 1905 in the district of Fontvielle, the first brewery of Monaco.

Destroyed in 1972 during the hyper development of the principality, it is in 2008 the Pastor family decides to reestablished the reconstruction of the brewery of Monaco in front of the pier yachts.

Today, the Brasserie de Monaco is an well-knows lifestyle place in Monaco including beer tasting, outdoor dining and clubbing.

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premium composition

Premium composition

Our Master Brewer carefully selects organically grown malts in a goal to create a recipe with sophisticated tastes: blond, white and red fruits.

With a unique preparation after one month, the beers are maturing. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, they retain all the benefits of a craft beer.

The blond beer won the Golden Fouquet, national distinction

In competition among 500 nominated beers La Brasserie de Monaco won the FOURQUET D’OR pils category at the 18th National Beer Competition in 2014.

Honorary distinction, the beer of Monaco had already won in 2010, in the category Pils a silver medal.

This medal rewards all the work done over the years in developing a tasty beer.

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World wide distinction

The WBA is an international competition that awards the best beers distinction of the year.

Beers from all countries are represented by category and rated by a jury of professionals.