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Beer of the Principality

Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco: City - State of Luxury

The Principality of Monaco is recognized in a worldwide for unique and upscale lifestyle. The different luxury industries create together and a unique harmony

Formula 1, casino, opera, prestigious hotels, football, tourism and yachting are the main industries in a cosmopolitan city of 4km long with just under 40,000 inhabitants.

monaco: city - state of luxury
monaco F1 grand prix

Formula 1 : event of the year

Every year, Monté Carlos Grand Prix is the media-symbol of the Principality. Since the 20th century, the Grand Prix is a prestigious stage and winning the race is a real trophy for pilots.

The brewery of Monaco installed on the ground, organizes every year the closing ceremony gathering fans, sports team.

Jet set symbol

In April 1956, Prince Rainier III married Grace Kelly, the highest star of the cinema.

With Princess Grace, Monaco is now the ultimate symbol of glamor.

Since the 50s, the principality has become the city where the whole world come to relax and enjoy the exceptional living environment.

Monaco is the most expensive city in the world (in front of London and Hong Kong) with regard to the price of real estate. The price of buying more expensive on the world..

wedding grace kelly and prince reynier of monaco